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(10 Best Metal Riffs of the 2000’an)

“Versi Loudwire 17 Agustus 2015”

1. Song : “Blood and Thunder”.
Band : Mastodon.

2. Song : “Aerials”
Band : System of a Down.

3. Song : “Down With the Sickness”.

Band : Disturbed.
4. Song : “Schism”.
Band : Tool.

5. Song : “Rational Gaze”.
Band : Meshuggah.

6. Song : “Blessed Black Wings”.
Band : High on Fire.

7. Song : “Beast and the Harlot”.
Band : Avenged Sevenfold
Deskripsi By, A7XES 2007 : Synyster Gates bilang disebuah Interview bahwa Riff dilagu Beast And The Harlot terinspirasi dari lagunya Ozzy Osbourne (Nama Bandnya Ozzy Osbourne yang juga vokalisnya Black Sabbath) yang judulnya Crazy Train.

8. Song : “11th Hour”
Band : Lamb of God.

9. Song : “‘Stabwound”.
Band : Necrophagist.

10. Song : “Awake”.
Band : Godsmack.


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